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Technology companies may be on the cutting edge of innovation, but they are just as susceptible to cyber attacks as any other company. To meet investor and customer demands and achieve optimal uptime, tech companies need to integrate cybersecurity and risk management into their culture.

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Every company should plan for information system security and IT governance, but technology companies bear an extra burden: high expectations from partners and the public. The reasoning seems to be that if anyone should have a handle on cybersecurity, it’s companies that make technology their business. The idea makes sense, but tech companies are no more immune to cyber threats than any other industry.

As a matter of fact, the value of the intellectual property and their open embrace of tech solutions make technology companies even more vulnerable. There’s no reason that well-established operating procedures and strong cyber defenses cannot exist alongside innovation. Risk assessment draws on the knowledge and priorities of multiple stakeholders to develop a mitigation plan that aligns with business goals. Governance is an opportunity to review IT policies and procedures to make sure they are efficient and reduce the opportunity for errors.

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