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Ransomware Readiness 

Ransomware is one of the biggest threats facing organizations today and has become a $30 billion-dollar industry. Once a blanket tactic used by hackers to take advantage of any consumer they could trick, ransomware attacks have matured into sophisticated, targeted assaults on enterprises, SMBs, government agencies, and critical infrastructure providers. To stop malicious actors from encrypting, stealing, and disclosing sensitive or confidential data, private and public organizations must evaluate the maturity of their cybersecurity programs and the effectiveness of their technical defenses. 

How We Can Help

Ransomware Readiness Data Sheet

Securance offers ransomware readiness assessments to help organizations identify vulnerabilities, build multifaceted defenses, and improve their response and recovery capabilities. We identify risks and opportunities for improvement across disaster recovery, backup processes, incident response, endpoint security, and much more, to ensure our clients can defeat hackers on every front.

Our assessments align with the National Institute of Standards and Technology Cybersecurity Framework (NIST CSF) and include: 

  • Disaster recovery and incident response plan reviews

  • Scenario-based tabletop exercise

  • Systems, data, and configuration file backup assessment and inventory

  • Ransomware quarantine capabilities review

  • Network backbone traffic monitoring assessment

  • Endpoint configuration assessment

  • Server and endpoint event monitoring capabilities review

  • Endpoint detection and response (EDR) solution evaluation

  • Security awareness training assessment

No organization should have to pay to access its own data. To learn more about ransomware and how your business can protect itself, download our white paper, The Rise of Ransomware and the Pitfalls of Poor Security.


Ready for Ransomware?


Executive-level consultants provide hands-on leadership to ensure every project is a success.

Senior resources with 20 or more years of experience don’t just lead engagements; they execute them from cradle to grave.

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We speak two languages, business and IT, and use our fluency to translate technical findings into business risks.

Our reports and recommendations are in plain English, not IT jargon, that all stakeholders can understand and appreciate.

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Securance is the only IT security firm that uses artificial intelligence to enhance its approach to identifying risks and vulnerabilities.

Our proprietary AI technology predicts security and control failures, compliance gaps, and even data breaches.

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