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All organizations rely on applications and tools unique to their industry and, in some cases, to a particular organization. However, during the process of risk identification, when looking at the traditional technology layers— network, platform, and database— we’ve found commonality.

Our philosophy is that risk, when identified and managed at these layers, is consistent. For example, the risks related to a MS Windows 2003 Server are essentially the same, regardless of the type of organization running it. While risks vary to some degree based on the implementation, a significant portion remains constant. Our methodologies for identifying these risks are comprehensive and flexible enough to capture risk related to varying implementations.

Business Risk Across Industries
Unlike technology risk, business risk is unique in almost all situations. Our qualified staff of risk management and internal audit professionals bring to each engagement years of industry-specific experience and qualifications such as CPA, CISA, CISSP, CEH, CHP, and more.

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