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It’s never easy to juggle the demands for flexibility and innovation with the need for security, compliance, and risk management. At Securance, we help our clients find the right balance, but there are always more challenges ahead. Our white papers help make sense of the issues, so you can stop searching for answers and start taking action.


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As the cyber threat landscape continues to evolve, AI plays a transformative role in bolstering organizational security measures. This comprehensive white paper explores how AI-powered tools empower IT professionals to proactively detect, mitigate, and respond to evolving cyber threats with unparalleled efficiency and precision. Discover innovative strategies and best practices for leveraging AI to fortify defenses, streamline operations, and stay ahead of the ever-changing threat landscape. 


Critical Cybersecurity Assessments for SMBs establish robust defenses in a cost-effective way, safeguarding sensitive data and operations to position businesses for success...


Developing an enterprise mobility strategy (EMS) brings together business, technology, projects, workforce, and processes. To harness the true potential of mobility, organizations must develop an EMS....


From Assessment to Investment: IT Strategic Planning

With ever-evolving technologies and worsening cybercrime, organizations must proactively evaluate their IT infrastructure, capabilities, and alignment with overarching business objectives.....


Proprietary ChatGPT: Enterprise AI Security Risks and Solutions for a Smarter World

Businesses that want to harness the potential of ChatGPT should strive for a balance between innovation and security. This whitepaper discusses specific security measures for a smarter....


Leadership Through Innovation: The Emergence of The Virtual CISO

A virtual CISO (vCISO) is a security professional contracted to provide support in creating, maintaining, and updating an organization’s security posture with an as-needed involvement structure at....


Proactive vs Reactive Security: Network Hardening Strategies for SMBs

Default configurations of technologies may be convenient, but they are almost never optimally secure. Rather than taking a reactive approach to security, organizations should be proactive in their....


Ready, Set, Governance: Effective Cloud Governance Strategies for Your Business

Cloud governance provides a blueprint for building and operating the overall cloud environment. Having the proper policies and procedures in place is necessary for businesses to reduce vulnerabilities and facilitate risk....


Never Trust, Always Verify: The Future of Zero Trust Architecture

Zero trust architecture has evolved beyond a buzzword and is now a full-fledged security model. Our white paper will help organizations understand and navigate zero trust implementation methods to keep pace....


The Rise of Ransomware and The Pitfalls of Poor Security

Ransomware is on the rise and has become the most prevalent and sophisticated form of malware. Ransomware readiness and mitigation strategies can protect companies from the high costs of an attack....


Protect Your Connections

Industrial control systems (ICS) are more connected than ever, leading to increased performance, communication, reliability— and unprecedented risks. In this white paper, we review current threats to ICS....


Cybersecurity Risks of Cryptocurrency

Cybercriminals profit from crypto's exploding value and relevance. They defraud crypto exchange users, deploy malware, and steal funds, data, and credentials. This white paper explores new and traditional cyber.....


Prepared for Peril: Incident Response Solutions for Ransomware and Cyber Threats

Cyber attacks are unavoidable. In today's climate, implementing an effective incident response plan is essential to protecting your assets and bottom line.


CMMC 2.0 Compliance Guide: Navigating New DoD Requirements

The DoD hopes to strengthen national cybersecurity with the new CMMC standards. Defense suppliers must comply— or forfeit contracts. Our definitive CMMC guide will help prepare contractors for the....


Agility and Stability: Developing Information Security Programs for Financial Institutions

Stop cyber criminals from stealing sensitive data. Learn how to mature financial institutions' information security programs with these industry best practices.


The Future of IoT Security

IoT devices can expose organizations and private users to cyber attacks aimed at stealing sensitive data. Learn how to protect these technologies in order to protect...

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