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In collaboration with our partners, Securance Consulting delivers innovation and insights to help enterprises combat cyber threats, manage information risks, and leverage technology to spur business growth.

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Today’s cyber landscape is saturated with complex threats that continually evolve. This poses a challenge for time-strapped security teams that must analyze large volumes of threat intelligence data to protect critical systems. CTIQ solves this problem.

A cutting-edge threat intelligence platform, CTIQ uses artificial intelligence (AI) to aggregate and analyze vast amounts of data, taking the burden off security teams. CTIQ’s proprietary algorithm matches threat data to an organization’s unique technology profile, so that subscribers only receive information that applies to their environments. In addition, CTIQ provides detailed remediation playbooks with step-by-step guidance to help analysts and engineers neutralize incoming threats.




Audit plans help internal audit teams determine which business areas to prioritize for audits in a given fiscal year. They also promote efficient allocation of resources, effective risk management, and compliance with laws and regulations. IT audit plans do the same but focus solely on technology and risks to information resources.

Building an IT audit plan requires significant technical expertise. Small audit teams, in particular, may lack the experience and skills to accurately assess and prioritize IT risks. Securance developed a web-based risk assessment tool,, that streamlines this process. SCGRC uses a questionnaire to identify the information security risks affecting an organization’s auditable technologies and IT processes, populate an IT risk matrix, and generate a three-year IT audit plan.

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