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Securance Consulting’s New Look

Updated: 6 days ago

Securance Consulting has rebranded. The look, feel, and voice behind any company are often our first impression and it was time to refresh our approach. Our firm offers a unique value proposition our clients would struggle to find anywhere else. Our new brand is designed to communicate our value in everything that we do, from client reports to proposals.

For example, we help enterprises embrace advancements in technology such as Artificial Intelligence with vigilance, and foresight. We want our brand to communicate how we empower our clients to achieve a balance between innovation and sober security.

Similarly, expertise is at the heart of each of our relationships. Our engagements are led by executives with at least two decades of experience. Our brand reflects how those valuable insights drive sustainable improvements and the alignment of business and IT. We wanted our new brand to communicate that better detection, prevention, and response to security threats is the ambition that drives our work.


Introducing Our New Brand

Our New Logo

Our new logo is at once a cube and a hexagon yet is still flat. It is abstract and unconventional, but stable and robust. Hexagons are popular in technology because they neatly tesselate, but they are more interesting and organic than rectangles.

Our New Brand Colors

Securance has adopted navy blue and orange as our brand colors. In color theory, blue and orange are complimentary colors. They have the highest level of contrast between them, which enhances our brand’s accessibility. They are also both dominant colors, so they amplify each other’s impact.


  • Navy: Navy communicates strength, trust, and authority. Securance Consulting aims to put integrity and dependability first in all our endeavors.

  • Orange: Orange is decisive, unexpected, and fresh. It is a bold choice that has steadfastly served the Securance Consulting brand for many years. Now, navy anchors our orange with sensible pragmaticism to communicate our brand value of balancing security and innovation.


New Look, Same Us

We adopted a more modern, accessible look. We hope it will reflect the same steadfast service you have come to expect from Securance Consulting. The same people you worked with last year are still here in 2024. Our ownership has not changed. Our rebranding is a firmer handshake to the world as we continue to do what we have always done: assess and adapt.

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