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GenAI and LLMs can transform the ways in which businesses across industries gather and analyze information, predict outcomes, and make better decisions. At Securance, we use LLMs to identify potential risks based on a client’s technologies, IT processes, and industry. We apply this information to focus our approach and methodologies when conducting IT risk and security assessments.


LLMs consider billions of parameters and ingest massive amounts of data from sources such as the Internet, Common Crawl, which collects data from more than 50 billion web pages, and Wikipedia, with approximately 57 million pages. 
While not perfect, LLMs have a remarkable ability to make predictions based on a relatively small number of prompts, or inputs. GenAI uses LLMs to produce content based on human-language prompts that provide clarity and context.

Securance’s program leverages OpenAI’s GPT-4 model. With 1 trillion parameters, GPT-4 can identify patterns from multimodal data, generate natural and readable output, and perform complex tasks. We use GPT-4 to deliver maximal value to our clients via customized methodologies, targeted assessments, and actionable recommendations to prevent security breaches. During an initial co-development and planning session, we gather information about the client, its technology environment, and its internal audit or IT organization.

We use this data to adjust our input prompts, which include:

  • The organization’s industry.

  • The organization’s size.

  • The security framework(s) in place.

  • The security tools in place.

  • Whether the organization has a security operations center (SOC) monitoring its network.

  • Whether the organization has an internal audit department.

Securance does not include confidential, proprietary, or sensitive data from our clients in our prompts.

Based on the input prompts, our LLMs and GenAI produce information that informs our assessment approach. Securance’s model can even predict cyber breaches, events, and failures and their consequences. Predictions may 
include the potential for:

  • Failures in IT process controls.

  • Network, system, and/or application breaches based on the client’s cybersecurity profile.

  • End-user security failures and phishing attacks.

  • Inappropriate access to data or systems by end users.

  • Compliance violations.

Harnessing the power of GenAI, Securance provides clients with accurate results, tailored recommendations, 
and unique advantages that other security firms cannot match. The benefits of a Securance assessment include:

  • Comprehensive risk and compliance profile.

  • Predictive risk analysis, including industry- and technology-specific risks.

  • Recommendations to prevent costly network and system breaches.

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